Materials to make it happen

"Let us see what we will need to make our dream to come true..."



Basic Embroidery Frame

This type of frame may be found in any craft store or even online. My first embroidery frame was purchased in Rome and was 75cm * 65cm, and it is still working well.


Cuts of fabric for the basic frame

In case you were lucky to find a multypurpose frame, you will also have to "dress" it or wrap its longest parts with the cloth. Like this, we will need 2 cuts of any type of thick fabric. Sizes depend on the sizes of your frame. The following tutorial may help you understand: https://studio.youtube.com/video/VEdOBO019VA/edit

узорчатые ткани


Professional Frame

In case you have found a professional embroidery frame, it would be even better! Approximate sizes are 60 * 60 cm, depending on availability.


Fabric for Embroidery

Fabric for embroidry is always depend on the purpose of embroidery. In all our lessons we use transparent organza or chiffon fabrics. The sizes of the the cuts depend on the sizes of your embroidery frame.

Белая Ткань


Luneville crochet hook

Luneville crochet hook with the needle #70 - is the only instrument we are using in all our embroidery lessons. Make sure, the needle is either French or German manufacture, this will guarantee the quality of your future works..




In order to fix our fabric on the embroidery frame, we will also need about 10 meters of the ribbon. It may be good quality cotton or silk ribbon. Make sure, that the width on the ribbon is 2,5 cm!



Cotton waxed thread

In order to start practicing embroidery, we will also need a good quality thread. I suggest using Sumiko cotton thread (preferbly white color), however, this is not mandatory. Simply, make sure the thread is waxed and does not split appart. 


Metal thread

We will also learn embroidering with the metal thread. Like this, while finding a bobbin of metal thread, put maximum attention that it does not split appart too much! Gutterman thread brand - is NOT aplicable!



Threaded beads

Once we start Luneville embroidery, we will need to use some threaded beads. Like this, you will need a few bunches of threaded seed beads, sized 1,2-1,5 mm.   


Loose beads

Once we start practicing Aari method of embroidery, we will be using loose beads. Like this, you will need some regular beads with the same size: 1,2 - 1,5 mm only. With regards to its quality, I suggest either Toho or Precioza brands.



Threaded sequins

In order to embroider using Luneville technique, we will need to use threaded sequins. Like this, you will need a few bunches of threaded sequins, sized 0,5 - 0,4 mm only.   


Loose sequins

Once we start practicing Aari method of embroidery, we will be using loose sequins. Like this, you will need some sequins with the same size: 0,4 - 0,5 mm only. With regards to its quality, I suggest either French or Italian manufacture, that will guarantee its quality.


In case you may have any questions or need a piece of advise, feel free to contact me via kristina.slauta@gmail.com at any time!

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