Текстура рыбьей чешуи

Lesson 7

In our next lesson, we will try to use more sophisticated embroidery techniques in order to fill our new patterns\figures with the sequins. Here we'll use both: Luneville and Aari embroidery. One of the most complicated lessons, where you may need a lot of patience!

Lesson 7.1.

Fish Scale 

In the following part of the lesson, we will use Luneville technique in order to perform a new method of filling named Fish Scale.

Lesson 7. Part 2

Snake line

In the next part of the lesson, we continue embroidering the second square and thus, will apply Aari method of embroidery in order to fill the figure with the Snake technique.

Lesson 7.3.

Fish Scale and Snake line combination

In the last tutorial, we will use Fish Scale and Snake line techniques combined in order to perform the petal of the flower. We will also use Indian or Aari method of embroidery with 4mm sequins. Please follow the link and watch what you can do when combining various techniques here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-LoCOjyRJif6nfvikfR7yzTcLTlMojRr