Рамки на стене

Lesson 1

In the following lesson, we are going to learn the basic principles of fixing up our embroidery frame.

We'll need a regular or specialized embroidery frame, silk ribbon, pins, cut of organza fabric, and a needle with the thread.

In case you have a good carpenter, feel free to email us and get detailed information about embroidery frame's parts.

Lesson 1. Part 1.

Professional Embroidery Frame

In the following tutorial, we are going to fix the cut of organza cloth on the professional embroidery frame.

Lesson 1. Part 1. (additional)

Regular Embroidery Frame

In the following tutorial we will fix the fabric on the regular embroidery frame. Additionally, we will need 2 cuts of thick wool cloth and some patience...

Lesson 1. Part 2.

Pins for the frame

In the following short video, I would like to give a little suggestion about the pins for embroidery frame (in order to avoid purchasing heavy legs or pedestrians under your frame).