Basic Course


16,000 RUB


4 Weeks

About the Course

In the following Program Course we will learn:

  • about materials and instruments needed to process Luneville and Aari Embroidery

  • how to professionaly mount the embroidery frame

  • how to start and end an embroidery

  • how to process regular tambour stitch

  • about difference between classic Luneville and Aari embroidery techniques

  • how to apply accessories using classic Luneville and Aari embroidery

  • how to embroider the corners

  • about satin stitch using metal threads

Your Instructor


Vera is a pattern making maven and teaches many lessons for us that range from pattern making and grading, to how to start your path in embroidery. Vera has also coordinated our pattern making lessons in partnership with Loedo.