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подробности-оф-красивого-свадебного платья

Slauta School
of Embroidery

Tu creatividad comienza aquí!

Descubre un mundo infinito de Luneville y comienza a crear con la Escuela Slauta ahora!

Mi carta para ti

Les doy la bienvenida a un proyecto de autor único basado en el conocimiento adquirido en numerosas pasantías internacionales y programas educativos, así como muchos años de experiencia personal participando en la creación de una variedad de colecciones de alta costura, innumerables imágenes, disfraces, accesorios y mucho más ...

Bordado de Luneville

Si te inspira el bordado a crochet utilizando la técnica de Luneville, el mundo de la Alta Costura te tienta a hazañas con su diversidad y compleja ejecución, es un gran placer que te invito a participar en mi nuevo proyecto, donde te enseñaré no solo las complejidades del bordado Tambour, sino que también comparten los secretos de la verdadera artesanía de alta costura, que hasta hace poco estaba disponible para un número tan limitado de personas.

Selección de cursos en línea

¡Elija el curso adecuado para usted!


Nivel I

Nivel básico de competencia en bordado de Luneville


Nivel II

Aún nivel básico de competencia en bordado de Luneville


Nivel III

Nivel moderado de competencia en bordado de Luneville


Nivel IV

Nivel avanzado de competencia en bordado de Luneville

DSC01134 - копия.JPG

Acerca de la escuela

Tips and tricks. Sequins in the indian a

Introducción al bordado

Офисный коридор

Cursos en el estudio


¿Por qué en línea?



Lesson 4_Moment.jpg

Cursos online


Bim, Nigeria

First, let me thank you for delivering the course so beautifully. The videos were very clear and the techniques were carefully explained. 

I found the program to be technical, but your superior guidance made it easy to succeed. I did not have to re-do any of the elements, it was perfect at the first try and that's all thanks to you.

The flower petals were so easy, I could never have known they could be so easily done. And the butterfly technique, is absolutely genius! 

Soukeyna, UK

I wanted to let you know that I managed to complete your "autumn" embroidery course!! I struggle a little at the beginning, but then managed to better understand the technique as I kept practicing. I very much enjoyed the course and your video explanations were very helpful! See attachment for some photos of the outcome.

On another note, my sister is getting married in October and I wanted to embroider a few flower designs on her veil. I wanted to ask you if you could provide some advice? 

Carol, USA

I'm so excited to get started. I'll frame up tomorrow, or the day after, and be ready to go over the weekend. Thanks so much for all the passwords etc including for the Winter course. Maybe I'll start with that one if it's a little easier than the other so I can build up. I really appreciate everything.

Fiona, UK

Here is butterfly lesson and number 6 butterfly!

It turned out beautifully although i need to remember and place it higher in the fabric when i draw the pattern as this one has been cut off the frame and one side is very frayed and close to the butterfly.  Im very happy with it.  The glue is still damp.  As usual your comments are welcome.  Do you have any more lessons like this one?  They are beautiful.  I would like to learn how to make a flower.

Brigitte, Germany

Your videos are very easy to understand and I am blown away by how well the picture turned out. Of course, it's not perfect - but I like it for the first thing I did. It was amazing how much the character of the image changed as it progressed. You explained the lessons very well, so there was nothing left for me to ask. In addition, I am an eye person who learns best by watching - so video courses are ideal. Next, I'll start with winter and I'm sure I'll enjoy doing it as much as I did the first course.

Pek Ling, Singapore

I’m happy to let you know that my parcel has arrived safely.  I look forward to starting on the projects. Thanks for the additional materials for beginners. Much appreciated. My friends are all very impressed when I show them your website and the materials I have received!